LegalMetric USITC Report on Patent Investigations

You have questions:

  • How likely is the ITC to find a violation in a § 337 patent investigation?
  • How long do the investigations take?
  • Is there variation from ALJ to ALJ or from technology to technology?
  • How often does the Commission agree with the ALJs?
  • Are there Markman hearings and rulings and if so, when do they occur?
  • How long does it take to receive a hearing in the ITC?

We have the answers: the LegalMetric USITC Report ($595)

This report includes:

  • Historical probabilities of a violation finding, broken out by ALJ and technology
  • Historical probabilities of violations as a function of the number of asserted patents
  • Data on both contested violations and uncontested violations
  • Data on number and success of investigations, by technology and by ALJ
  • Data on Investigation Outcomes by Type of Outcome
  • Average times from Investigation Date to Hearing, Initial Determination, and More
  • Comparisons of Violation Probabilities Among ALJs
  • Data on Success of ALJ Initial Determinations Before the Commission
  • Average Time to Markman Hearing and Markman Ruling by ALJ (if applicable)
  • Number of Investigations by Technology for each ALJ
  • Probability of Violation by Technology for each ALJ
  • Time to Termination by Investigation Outcome for each ALJ
  • And Much More

Click HERE to view a sample ALJ section of the report.

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