LegalMetric Patent Litigation Subscription Service

LegalMetric offers an invaluable subscription service to those who require maximum information for their litigation. The subscription includes over 20,000 pages of metrics and analysis including:

  • The National Patent Litigation Report (updated annually). Contains over 3600 pages of Nationwide metrics with comparisons to individual districts. (Individual retail price $12,450.00)
  • The Nationwide Stays Pending Reexam Report (updated bi-annually). Contains over 280 pages. (Individual retail price $595.00)
  • The Nationwide Stays Pending Other Litigation Report (updated annually). Contains over 125 pages. (Individual retail price $145.00)
  • The Nationwide Markman Report (updated annually). Contains over 430 pages. (Individual retail price $595.00).
  • Ten (10) Markman Decsisions by Judge Reports. Each contains five years worth of actual Markman/claim construction rulings by the individual judges selected (Individual retail price $95).
  • The Nationwide Preliminary Injunction Report (updated annually). Contains over 180 pages. (Individual retail price $395.00)
  • Top 5 Reports (Most Favorable, Least Favorable, Most Popular, Fastest, Slowest)(updated annually). Contain over 185 pages. (Individual retail price $1,895.00 OR $7,500.00 when all five reports purchased simultaneously)
  • The Federal Circuit Report (updated annually). Contains over 230 pages on separate issues and judges. (Individual retail price $995.00)
  • District Reports (updated quarterly). Encompasses 90+ districts including DC and Puerto Rico containing over 3,000 pages. (Individual report retail price $995.00)
  • Individual Judge Reports (updated quarterly). Forty different judges (of your choice) are included (Individual retail price $325.00 per judge)
  • The Expert Witness Guide (updated annually). Contains over 1000 expert witnesses in patent cases, court appeared in, case numbers, and area of testimony. (Individual retail price $195.00)
  • The Nationwide Permanent Injunctions in Patent Cases Report (updated annually). Over 125 post-eBay opinions reported (Individual retail price $195.00)
  • The Nationwide Transfers in Patent Cases Report (updated annually). Analysis of contested transfers in each district. Shows the percentage of cases transferred, the odds of a transfer motion being granted, and the average time from motion filing to decision on contested transfer motions. (Individual retail price $295.00)
  • Nationwide Issue Reports (updated quarterly and available second and third quarter, 2011). Featuring issues such as obviousness, literal infringement, anticipation, indefiniteness, etc. (Individual reports retail at $295.00 each)
  • Time to Trial Comparison Reports (updated annually). Comparison of time to trial in patent cases for 50 district courts, selected by user (10 comparisons of 5 courts; 25 comparisons of 2 courts; etc.) (Individual reports $95 for each two district comparison).

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