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District Judge Reports

LegalMetric's District Judge Report lets you know if this is the right district for your federal litigation. Learn the historical odds of winning for your client in this court, for the district as a whole and by judge. Learn how litigants in this type of case have fared at summary judgment and at trial as well as other outcomes. Learn how experienced each judge in the district is in handling cases like yours. This report includes over 30 charts ideal for client presentations! Learn more about this product here.

Individual Judge Reports

LegalMetric's Individual Judge Report is an innovative litigation tool that provides winning information about your U.S. District Court Judge in your kind of case. The report answers these fundamental questions and more:

  • How likely is the judge to rule in your favor?
  • Which significant motions are granted or denied?
  • What is the time to termination for cases like yours?
Only LegalMetric's Individual Judge Report answers these questions in a concise easy-to-read cost effective document including 11 charts ideal for client presentations that gives you a strategic litigation advantage. To learn more about this product, click here.

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