LegalMetric Inter Partes Review Report: What are the Odds of Prevailing?

You have questions:

  • How likely is the USPTO to institute an inter partes review (IPR)?
  • Does the patent owner or the petitioner usually win?
  • Should the patent owner file a Preliminary Response?
  • Is there variation from technology to technology?
  • Is there variation from administrative law judge (ALJ) to administrative law judge?
  • How successful are particular law firms in IPR practice?
  • How long does this process take?

We have the answers: the LegalMetric Inter Partes Review Report ($595)

          the LegalMetric IPR ALJ Report ($95 for each ALJ)

          the LegalMetric IPR Law Firm Report ($95 for each law firm)

    Or call us at 888-309-3001 and ask about the Annual Unlimited IPR Subscription for $3995.

These reports include:

  • Historical probabilities of an IPR being instituted
  • Historical probabilities of claims or entire patents being held invalid
  • Relationship between filing a Preliminary Response and the decisions on Institution and Final Written Decision
  • Data on number and success of IPRs, by technology
  • Average times from Filing Date to Institution Decision and from Institution Decision to Final Written Decision
  • Number of IPRs by Technology for selected ALJ (ALJ Report)
  • Probability of Holding of Unpatentability for each ALJ (ALJ Report)
  • The same information for selected Law Firm (Law Firm Report)
  • And Much More

Click HERE to view a sample ALJ report (the full report is in exactly the same format as the ALJ reports).

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