Winning Information about your District

LegalMetric's District Judge Report lets you know if this is the right district for your federal litigation. Learn the historical odds of winning for your client in this court, for the district as a whole and by judge. Learn how litigants in this type of case have fared at summary judgment and at trial as well as other outcomes. Learn how experienced each judge in the district is in handling cases like yours.

District-wide historical win rates.
See win rate trends over time with information plotted in easy to use formats.

LegalMetric is now including win rates on preliminary injunction motions in its Trademark District Reports. This feature allows the direct comparison of win rates on these motions between and among districts. The reports will also include the preliminary injunction win rate information for each active judge in the district. This information can be particularly important in choosing where to file a trademark case.

Wide ranges in win rates by judge.
Determine if your judge is historically pro-plaintiff or not and how he or she compares with other judges.

The District Judge Report may be ordered for select types of cases in any federal district court. For the first time anywhere, LegalMetric provides district-wide and judge-specific facts in an easy-to-read report that can be invaluable in deciding where to file your case, or in deciding if a transfer is in order. You will discover in the District Judge Report that wide ranges exist in party win rates, the time cases are pending, experience with different types of cases and experience with significant motions filed in those cases.

Different levels of experience.
Determine your judge's experience with significant motions compared to other judges in the same district.

LegalMetric's District Judge Report provides win rates, average time to judgment for various outcomes, and experience levels with cases like yours—invaluable information found nowhere else.

Each copy of a District Judge Report is $995
Each Report Plus 3 Quarterly Updates is $1595.00 Annually

If you purchase three or more district reports, all district reports in your order receive a 10% discount.

Additionally, repeat orders of the same district within 12 months are $695.

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