LegalMetric Company Research Reports
Provide Real Answers to Litigation Questions
  • Where has the company litigated in the past?
  • Does the company quickly settle, or does it fight to the finish?
  • How successful is this company, as a plaintiff and as a defendant?
With LegalMetric Company Research Reports, you can provide historical answers to these questions, rather than handwaving.

Manage Litigation and Client Expectations

Is the opposing company usually a patent plaintiff, or a defendant? How successful is it? Do its cases as a plaintiff close faster than those in which it is a defendant?

You do not have to guess about questions like these. Our Company Research Reports analyze all the patent cases in which the company was a plaintiff or a defendant.

LegalMetric's Company Research Reports help eliminate the element of surprise (particularly, client surprise) from the litigation equation.

Company Representation

Who most frequently represents this party in patent litigation?

Are different firms used when this party is a plaintiff than when it is a defendant?

Is this company open to hiring different firms or does it always hire the same firm or two?

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Introductory Price for each Company Research Patent Report is $495

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